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By on 27 February 2016

It has not been long since eatravels is online and to be honest I was feeling like I wasn’t able to give the attention that it needs and planning to spend more time on filming, editing and typing. Izzy Pulido gave me the perfect motivation to keep on going with patience and persistence when she nominated me to Liebster Awards, the only award on internet that’s been given to bloggers by other bloggers. I am so honoured by this nomination and will do my best to live up to the vote of confidence of hers.

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Izzy and I met in Agra briefly but it was a spark of a beautiful friendship. Then I ran across her in the cooking class of Shashi in Udaipur. Since then I am a big fan of the next somewhere and enjoy following her adventures all over the world. I don’t know if it is against the rules or not but I love following Izzy’s adventures so I am totally nominating her back!



Describe yourself in three words. 

Smart, kind-hearted, adventureous

What’s your travel mantra?

Live and let live

What’s the best foreign word you know and why?

Figlio di puttana, because I learned it when I was a child from my Italian-Turkish friend

What’s a song that puts you in the traveling mood? 

Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello

Aside from the basics (passport, ATM card, backpack), what three items are must-bring things for you on your trip?

My computer, insect repellent and earplugs

Describe your best experience on the road.

I was on a day trip to Elephant Sancuary with my travel mate Rafa and we ended up in a big group of Chinese family as tour group. We weren’t very happy because there was a language barrier and we thought it would be impossible to communicate but we ended up Rafa teaching them Flamenco, me belly dancing and having the best time ever.

Name the top three things on your bucket list. Macchu Picchu, New Zealand and Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico.

You’ve been sentenced to death. What is the last meal you would ask for before you die? Are you kidding me? I would ask for a full course of Turkish Breakfast!

Who is the one person you would take on a trip around the world with you?

I enjoy traveling solo 🙂

Would you rather be stuck with a seven-hour delay or arrive at the airport and realize your flight is tomorrow?

I think 7 hour delay. Airports are hard to commute… also once you are in the mood for traveling, it would have been cruel to find out you are staying until tomorrow.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself while traveling?

That I am incredibly strong and can put up with more shit that I ever thought of…


Izzy for the next somewhere

Resi for the way to coffee

Amanda for Burger abroad

Sarah for chasing butterflies and miracles

Meghan for she went where

Amy for Amy Rollo

Dani for not lost just discovering

Revati and Charles for different doors

Alice for teacake travels

Brianne for wander with Bri


Now my questions for my nominees to answer 🙂

1- For a great trip would you prefer northern or southern hemisphere? Why?

2- What makes a trip worthwhile?

3- What is your worst fear on a trip to happen?

4- If you weren’t blogging about your own topic, what you would be blogging about?

5- Which celebrity would make a perfect travel partner, why?

6- Did traveling changed your perspective towards the world?

7- When do you prefer just to get lazy and just postpone blogging to another day?

8- Do you have any inspirational characters? (fiction or real)

9- Among all which country’s cuisine appeals to you more?

10- You woke up one day and all the data of your blog crashed and erased for good. What would you do?

11- First word that comes to your mind when I say “travel”?

When you finished answering please post a link on the comments sections so that I can read your answers 🙂

thank you all very much!